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Carina Dawson

Carina Dawson
Licensee and Owner of Centrewest Settlements

Centrewest Settlements is the CREATION of Carina Dawson's Passion and a Career coming together.

I had a childhood Dream and a Passion for Conveyancing since I walked into the Australian Tax Office as a girl of thirteen years old on an errand for my Mother – I often spent my school holidays in her office in West Perth attending to duties and dreaming of one day owning my own Settlement Agency.

My Mother, Margaret Sibley, is well known in the Settlement Industry – she was the first person in Western Australia to hold Dual Licenses for both a Real Estate Settlement Agent and a Business Settlement Agent and she later also held a Real Estate Agents License. She was a fantastic Role Model teaching me to always follow my dreams and most importantly to believe in myself.  She trained me in not only Conveyancing but running a business and that is where my Passion commenced to become my Reality.

I then went on to work for Solicitors in my endeavor to gain as much experience as I could and I also worked as a Settlement Clerk in order to obtain qualifications and experience required to become a Licensed Conveyancer. I finished my studies and became licensed on the 1st April, 2001.

Today, I am proud to say that Centrewest Settlements is a thriving Settlement Agency with a great reputation and we have confidence in our ability to consistently deliver high levels of Service in Property Transactions.

Centrewest Settlements is a thriving Settlement Agency with a great reputation.

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